What To Wear | Tips for Planning Your Boudoir Session

The most beautiful thing a girl can wear, is a smile.

– Marilyn Monroe

You’ve taken the plunge and finally booked your session – now the fun in preparing for the big day begins!

I recommend preparing to be photographed in about 4-6 outfits or looks for your album or collection.. This will include lingerie but often also a white sheet/blanket or topless/nude set. In a session with me most get through about AT LEAST four. Usually I say the first outfit is a warmup – a chance for you to get used to being in front of the camera and gaining confidence in what you are doing. I’ve also found that in every session there’s always at least one outfit that may not turn out quite as you pictured in your head that you end up picking very many images from. So the more options you have – the better!

Fabrics & Materials – Start with selecting fabrics that make you feel your best. For some that’s lace, for some that’s chiffon, and for others that may be leather. I can’t really say that in the area of material that certain things photograph better than others but I can say that the more comfortable and confident, how you are able to move, & how YOU feel in that outfit all translates into your photos. Try on everything you buy if you feel ‘meh’ about it, skip it!

Colors – I recommend solid colors or soft floral patterns. I like to keep the focus of the session ON my client not necessarily their lingerie. Often more distracting patterns or intricate pieces draw the attention away from your beauty and more to the clothing. Sometimes simple is better. So bring that statement piece but remember that ultimately this is about YOU.

Fit – IT SHOULD FIT and flatter you well! I know that sounds silly – of course it should fit…but I’ve had ladies in the past who’ve come in with outfits a little larger than they are hoping to hide away some insecurities and I will tell you – it doesnt photograph well. ACTUALLY the more form/flattering fitting the better. Curves ARE BEAUTIFUL and it’s my job to places those curves in the best positions photographically and I promise I will do that.

Really it’s all about choosing items that flatter your body type & style. Not sure what that is? Check out this special pdf I created to help my clients determine their body type and the types of lingerie best designed to flatter that type: Lingerie for Your Body Type.

Not sure about the fit? Text your photographer a photo of it on you and ask their opinion! A great photographer wants to make the most out of your session and will be happy to help!

For my beauties, still need some help? Check out my Yours Truly Portraiture Client Wardrobe! I’ve built an extensive collection of lingerie and articles of clothing that photograph beautifully. All of my clients are welcome to shop through my collection to wear in your session.

The most important thing to remember ladies is that – you dont have to go nude, and you dont have to cover it all up, you dont have to wear all black or all white. This is YOUR session and it’s up to you what direction you take that in.

Love, Yours Truly

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