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Disclaimer: Please note this is NOT at all a knock on anyone. All art is beautiful and resonates to reach out to someone in some way. It took me a long time to figure out who I was for my work. I’m so proud of that and I wanted to share a little of my heart here for the beautiful women that happen to resonate with mine. <3

When I got married I had no idea who I was. 19. Still basically a child. I had a lot to learn.

And learn I did. Sometimes in amazingly joyful ways and sometimes learning HURT like hell.

But I dont regret a bit of it. I’ve been asked if I could if I would go back and change things. Wait to marry til I got older, wiser. And the answer is no, I wouldn’t. I’m so thankful for my crazy beautiful journey, chalk full of stress, change, weight gain and loss, heartache and joy, I have savored every bit of it.

I thought I knew what beauty was. Explicit, obvious, what is right in front of you.

But over the years, really growing into the woman I am now, learning what sacrificial love truly is as wife, becoming a mother…I’ve learned so much about myself and what I know to be true beauty.

At the heart of what I do I no longer focus on the outfits, I’ve thrown most posing out the window…I focus on the heart, the movement, the details. I have a passion…A NEED for women to KNOW their beauty. No matter what size they are or what they’ve been through. To me, boudoir is simple, radiant, honest & empowering.

 I believe that boudoir while at first glance can be intimidating, is an amazing gift. I believe that boudoir is…MORE. It’s more than sexy or sultry or sweet photos and poses. I believe its not just about the lingerie or the makeup. Beyond all those things that make a boudoir session a fun experience, I believe a boudoir session…my job…is about empowerment. Whether or not the session is a gift for a sweetheart…at the core of it…it REALLY is about YOU.

I take pride in the light-filled genuinely-posed moments and handmade linen matte albums I provide, but more so I strive to ensure these amazing women will return to their lives changed. I believe that a woman confident and inspired is worth more than can be measured. It is my prayer that each and every one of YOreturnsrn to your day to day radiating a love and appreciation for yourself you never had before.

She is clothed in strength & dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.
-Proverbs 31:25
Yours Truly Portraiture is a fine art beauty and boudoir photography studio that specializes in both bedroom and outdoor boudoir sessions in Virginia. I love what I do and I cant wait to spoil you.

Love, Yours Truly

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