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 I’m not gonna tell you, I mean…I dont have to tell you that for the most part social media is an illusion right? The best of the best. The good – mostly without the bad. It is for me too girlfran! I dont post about when I have a bad day and have considered giving my children away (seriously). I dont talk about when I’ve become so overwhelmed with stress that I spent the entire day crying in my bed, binge eating and watching netflix shows to distract myself from my pain.  I dont talk about the fights or disagreements between my husband and I. I dont talk about when I’ve felt so alone surrounded by people who seem to have it all together that I’ve considered hurting myself.

We dont talk about it. Its not cool. And let’s be honest if we all talked about the bad stuff ALL the time we’d all be some pretty depressed and negative people.

But this year I’ve turned a major corner. I’ve been striving to be healthier, more joyful. And among that God has shown me the major culprit has been overcoming comparison – the hardest to master.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

You’ve heard this before right? Be the best you because no one else can. It gets old after hearing it so much. So much so that I’m sure many of us just glance and move right past these encouraging words. Most times…

This year though, these words have been one of my mantras. Praying it, repeating it, willing myself to believe it. My biggest struggle I’ve discovered in the past few years with the growth of social media has been comparing myself. It used to be I would just compare my body, wishing I had her legs, or her abs. But no. As I got older I found myself wishing I had someone’s house, financial security, even their artistic talent, or friendships.  I felt like I was back in High School comparing myself to the girl who seemed to have everything.

Have you done this?

Seriously who hasn’t?

Can I tell you something? YOU ARE YOU and no one else can be.

God made you especially special. He knew about you before your parents did and had a special and unique plan for your life. NO ONE is you. No one else will have your dreams, your exact traits and how they manifest in your personality, your experiences, your spouse, your children, your talents, your voice, your desires, your looks, or your passion.

And that’s pretty amazing.

My darlings today I want to encourage you. Instead of being jealous or worried about what someone else has or is to cultivate a love for where you are, who you are, and what you are.

And no matter who you are, you are BEAUTIFUL. In heart, in mind, God creates beauty. Finding contentment in these things is SO powerful. And a world full of women finding worth in them is a wonderful one to be a part of.


Yours Truly

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