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Meet Tiana, persevering and courageous.

My name is Tiana and I live in Norfolk, VA with my husband and two fur babies. I’m 34 years old, and am a lover of all things Harry Potter and Doctor Who. A background in the medical field for more than 10 years, to working as a talent agent for a production company, I’m now a Marketing Coordinator for a small IT company in Ghent. On the weekends, I’m the culinary chef of my home kitchen and author of a Sunday blog.

In 2012, I lost a significant amount of weight and finding myself beautiful and loving my body was a little less of a challenge. For the most part, I managed to keep a healthy size for several years without a problem. Now, over the past year or so, I’ve seen the weight pile on and my clothes begin to tighten. Then, mid-last year I was diagnosed with a medical condition that we discovered was a contributor to my weight gain, but also not the only excuse.

I think it will be good for me to get back at realizing that no matter what, I am beautiful. Despite the anxiety and depression that goes along with getting older, realizing my body is no longer 25, and having the motivation to try and get back to the size I want: I. AM.  BEAUTIFUL.

Accepting your own beauty has never been an easy task for many, and is a sometimes a constant challenge. For me, I sometimes have to remind myself that even though my hips have gotten bigger, or my skin is uneven in color, or my hair is thinning; that I AM BEAUTIFUL. Recently, thanks to social media and other platforms, we are now living in a society where loving yourself as you are, for who are, is becoming more of a wide spread acceptance. There is so much beauty in this world, and once you can let go of those doubts and insecurities, you will know how truly beautiful you really are.

I am so thankful for being a part of this adventure, and look forward in sharing in this experience with some truly beautiful ladies!

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