Frequently Asked Questions:

What is boudoir?

At Yours Truly Portraiture boudoir is about showing you (and your sweetheart) your beauty, inner strength and confidence. It’s more than beautiful photos or an album but a luxury experience designed to pamper and empower you. Your boudoir images are for those bloaty days when you just aren’t feeling yourself and those monotonous nights to remind you and your honey of what a BOMBSHELL you are.  Dont let Pinterest dictate how your session goes, you can wear as much or as little as you want, your session is whatever you want it to be.

Why should I even do a boudoir session?

FOR YOU! Because you deserve to feel beautiful, everyday. No matter what size you are, EVERY woman struggles with insecurities. When you leave my studio after you’ve had a  makeover and been told thousands of time how AMAZING you look you will be radiating confidence.

For your love. These make PERFECT gifts for a deployed sweetheart, as an anniversary present, wedding or Valentine’s day gift, or even just because. This is one gift he will NEVER tire of!

To celebrate! When we finally lose that last inch of baby weight or even get a promotion at work…what better way to pamper yourself than with this luxe experience showing off your gorgeous assets and getting a little spoiled?

Have you had a boudoir session?

I have – 3 actually! And am planning a couples session with my husband! Each of my sessions was at a different time in my life and for my body and I loved each of them for different reasons. One was after I lost of ton of weight and I was celebrating my achievement, another was while my husband was deployed and that was such a special gift for both of us in that separation, and my most recent was after the birth of my daughter. I wasn’t in the best shape of my life, but I LOVE those images. Having gone through so much as a wife, mother, and women I loved being able to know I could still be beautiful, sexy, sultry, sweet, all of the above. No matter what the reason I am so thankful for all of those sessions and the photographers who showed me beauty.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

I have an AMAZING team of professional I work with (and makeup is included in the session fee). Not only does having a professional pamper you make sure you look and feel your best but it makes a BIG difference in how your photos turn out. Most of us don’t know how to do our makeup for the camera but my amazing artists do!

Do I HAVE to get hair and makeup?

I absolutely recommend it! Its all a part of the full luxury experience and I wanna make sure you look your absolute best.

What’s the process? How does this work?
1) You book an appointment!  (I book out as far as 9 months in advance)

2) Arrive the day of your session and get pampered by one of my professional makeup artists.

3) Have a FABULOUS one hour boudoir session with me in my private studio (we also offer o location outdoor sessions and in home lifestyle boudoir sessions) complete with all my knowledgeable posing, empowering and relaxing music, and a little wine & sweets.

4) Before you leave that day we will schedule a private viewing appointment within two weeks. That gives me enough time to edit your images or send of the film to be developed.

5) Return to our studio for your private reveal and choose which products you want to order from your collection.

What do I bring? Do you provide the outfits?

I would SO rather you spend your money on getting the products you really want so I have amassed an EXTENSIVE in – house studio wardrobe exclusively for my clients to pull from that includes outfits & accessories. Everything in our wardrobe are items that I know photograph well, fit in all the right places, and we carry sizes to fit every body shape! Once you book I will send you my extensive session guide that goes in depth on this information, so if you prefer I can help you plan and shop so you can bring 3 – 5 outfits for your session.

Do you have payment plans?

I do have payment plans! A session with Yours Truly Portraiture is a luxury experience. Most of our ladies save up for quite some time for their session. You aren’t just paying for pretty photos but a professional full-time photographer and team of talented artists, studio costs, and an amazing experience. I’m excited for you to spoil yourself and am flexible to tailor a payment plan to suit your needs.

Where will the session take place? 

I have a gorgeous romantically designed studio in Chesapeake Virginia. You can see more photos of our studio HERE . I also offer on location outdoor sessions (at some relatively private locales) and lifestyle in home boudoir sessions if you’ve got a cozy home with lots of window light.

What your favorite music to listen to during a session?

Personally, I LOVE the vitamin string quartet. If you haven’t heard of them, look them up on pandora immediately. Such beautiful instrumental music of popular Top 40 songs. If not that definitely some good ole 90s R&B.

Can we meet before the session to chat and so I can see the studio?

ABSOLUTELY! I’m a full-time photographer and I’m committed to making you feel as comfortable and prepared as possible. I love meeting my beauties beforehand to let them tour the space and to talk details like outfits, poses they love, and styles for their makeup.

Who will be present during the session?

I work with an all-female team & I promise you are in good hands. Besides our hair and makeup team, I have a Session Stylist that is present at every session. Her job is to make sure you are comfortable, fix those fly-aways, and be my second eyes for beautiful angles and poses. We are a great team and I promise within minutes we will have you laughing and feeling like you are just spending time with old friends.

I’m self-conscious about ___. Can you photoshop that?

Having been a boudoir photographer for 5 years I pride myself on knowing the best positions and angles to flatter those areas you love and minimize or hide the one’s you dont – often we don’t need photoshop at all! That being said, I want you to be proud of these images and I edit in such a way to make you look your very best natural you.

I do not want my images shown on the internet? Will my privacy be protected?

ABSOLUTELY. No questions asked. My clients are lawyers, teachers, doctors, and military members and I absolutely protect their identity and do not display their photos anywhere without their permission. I love when I am able to show off photos on my site or social media to reach other beauties like you, but all images displayed are always with written consent.

Let’s do this! How do I book?!

Email me girlfran ( and let’s get to planning!

Have a question not found here in our frequently asked questions? Email me! I’m glad to help!

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